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Interactive online courses for professionals, with a uniquely personal touch - opportunities for 1 to 1 tutoring.



Working to facilitate a faster worldwide dissemination of new discoveries and knowledge in the health sciences by helping professionals of any background, become confident English speakers, authors, and contributors to the global scientific community.

Our Courses

Prepare, Publish, Present

A step by step guide on how to write a publish-worthy research article, create and present a scientific poster, and design and deliver an audio-visual presentation of your research

Cracking the Code

A self-study guide on professional medical terminology related to all major systems of the human body with a large variety of digital tools to speed up and ease the memorization process

Doctor to Doctor to Patient

A course in healthcare communications for non-native English speaking professionals. Topics include but are not limited to Taking patient’s history;  Expressions of pain; Diagnostics and imaging; as well as selectable specialty modules

Benefits of Our Methodology

Flexible Learning
Offers learning at each individual’s preferred speed, time and frequency. Students have the opportunity to study wherever, whenever and how often they want to.
Students save both money and time in transportation, accomodation and meal costs that are reduced or entirely eliminated.
Being digital means courses can easily, and often, be updated to include the latest available information and the most effective delivery methods.
Personal tutors/coaches, or teachers in academic environments, support students success throughout the learning process.
Tailor-made and Engaging
Designed around particular goals and addressing students’ specific objectives, while presenting new information in a variety of ways (video, audio, written text, pictures, animations, etc.) and facilitating greater retention through numerous practices and feedback activities.
A number of studies have indicated that students achieve better test scores, demonstrate longer retention rates, and show greater abilities to apply the new knowledge in practice. “The time required to learn is reduced by 25%-60% of what is necessary in traditional learning."
Being paperless and not requiring commutes, online learning uses less energy and fewer natural resources - 90% less power and generates 85% less CO2 emissions as compared to traditional campus-based educational courses.
Created, tested and proven successful in an academic environment by a curriculum development team over a seven year period. Our students’ success showed the same results as the research studies had indicated.



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