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SmartMedTalk offers interactive online courses for professionals, with a uniquely personal touch. Our courses are tailor-made to be engaging, dynamic, and highly effective.

Currently, our products are in the area of ESL for Health care professionals: scientific writing and presentation of research, medical terminology, and medical communications. The company also offers personalized individual attention in both private, i.e. individual tutorial/coaching sessions, as well as corporate environments, i.e. instructor training for universities, private, and government establishments.


To facilitate a faster worldwide spread of new discoveries and knowledge in the health sciences by helping professionals of any background, become confident English speakers and authors contributing to the global scientific community.

We are dedicated to easing all non-English speaking scientists, researchers, clinicians, academics and other professionals’ learning experiences and assisting them in achieving their goals of becoming internationally renowned specialists.  We know that communication in the sciences is essential for progress and the spread of new ideas, knowledge and theories.

We believe that by supporting scientists from non-English speaking communities in their scientific and clinical language skills, we will encourage higher levels of collaboration, faster dissemination of new developments and findings, and thus actively facilitate a faster advance in, and better standards of, health care worldwide.

Who we are

Lisa J. Angelo

Co-founder and Executive Director of SmartMedTalk.com

Perfectionist and idealist, striving to always contribute her best in service to the international health care community. With extensive working experience abroad, a background in science, teaching, and art and design, and a desire to help bring ideas and people together, Lisa utilizes her management and creative skills to their full extent in bringing this venture to life.

Gery Ciftcioglu

Co-founder and Creative Director of SmartMedTalk.com

Passionate about languages and language acquisition and constantly exploring the latest developments in teaching methodology and techniques. Having worked in the ESL field for years, and speaking more than three languages herself, Gery draws on her expertise in curriculum and material development and her background in communications to facilitate the best learning experience SmartMedTalk clients can have.

Our Story

We began our journey in the Fall of 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey where we were recruited for a new ESP program – a 360 hour medical English course for medical students at a university. The course needed to incorporate scientific writing and presentation of research data, medical terminology, and occupational medical English. We quickly learned, that there were virtually no materials, supplies or resources for the lesson content of such an extensive program.

In the madness of this situation, however, we discovered that together, we had the perfect set of skills, experience, talents, similar work ethics, and most importantly, sense of humour about life.


Over the next six years of developing our products, we had created and fine tuned the program so much that we supervised a small team that designed a flipped classroom style of lessons. As expected, flipping the lessons resulted in higher grades, better attendance numbers, failure and dropout rates brought down to almost zero, and very high student satisfaction ratings. Additionally, during these years we were often asked by the health care group, to which the university belonged, to provide lessons and editing/proofing/tutoring/coaching services, from our program, to graduate school programs and groups at hospitals and clinics.


All this helped us realize that our courses served an unmet need in the greater medical community. After leaving the university we worked for another two years to expand our products to even better fit the non-native English speaking professional health care and research communities.


Today we are very pleased to offer our first three courses: Prepare, Publish, Present; Cracking the Code; and Doctor to Doctor to Patient along with coordinated personal editing/proofing and tutoring/coaching services.

What our students have to say

Student feedback comparing their experiences of our Digital (flipped) leaning courses with the traditional ESL style of medical English lessons.

Because of the Digital style of lessons, 87.9% of students overall stated that they had more opportunities to practice language skills, specifically:

Reading practice
Writing practice
Speaking practice
Listening practice
Enrolled 86.1%

Specific features of Digital (flipped) learning style that students reported had made their learning process easier and better:

Even though the Digital lessons taught more content, student grades increase on average by 5 points in each classroom.

90.2% of students stated they enjoyed the Digital (flipped) learning style more than the typical ESL classroom learning experience.

Lesson interactivity
Ability to learn independently and at their own pace
Shorter times in the classroom with smaller classroom sizes

Our Tutors

veronica img

Veronica Willcock

Veronica has been a University Medical English lecturer since 2015 and has several years experience teaching and developing Digital, Flipped learning course materials and lessons. She has a BSc in Anatomy and Structural Biology, is TESOL certified, is experience in editing scientific research articles, and has thoroughly enjoyed teaching ESL in Turkey, South Korea, and Thailand since 2005.​


Mira Saratchinova

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