Our Courses

Prepare, Publish, Present

A step by step guide on how to write a publish-worthy research article, create and present a scientific poster, and design and deliver an audio-visual presentation of your research

Cracking the Code

A self-study guide on professional medical terminology related to all major systems of the human body with a large variety of digital tools to speed up and ease the memorization process

Doctor to Doctor to Patient

A course in healthcare communications for non-native English speaking professionals. Topics include but are not limited to Taking patient’s history;  Expressions of pain; Diagnostics and imaging; as well as selectable specialty modules

Courses FAQ

Depending on the package purchased students can have access to the course materials from 30 days up to 12 months.

Options to purchase extra time are available depending on the course

The certificate can be downloaded for print at any time after course completion, from ‘My account’ page.

The number of lessons in each course varies but each lesson on average takes 30 minutes to complete. We recommend that working professionals take no more than one lesson per day, or five per week, in order to achieve the best results. Please note, that this does not include the time allowed for one to one tutoring/coaching sessions

Every purchase has a 10 day Full Refund, No Questions Asked option. For further information, please check our refund policy.

  1. Prepare, Publish, Present is suitable for people who do research in all of the physical sciences; but was created specifically for the medical field. This includes clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, and other health care research professionals.
  2. Cracking the code is ideal for pre-med and medical students in the beginning of their studies, and as a review for their USMLE exams. It is also good for practitioners that want to learn English Medical Terminology correct spelling and pronunciation for collaborating in international projects or presenting at international conferences.
  3. Doctor to Doctor to Patient is great for medical students and clinicians who will be, or are: dealing with English speaking patients; planning to relocate to an English speaking country; or applying for an internship in an English speaking environment.
  1. A computer, tablet or a phone.
  2. An operation system. MacOS, Windows, Linux or Android.
  3. Internet connection: A minimum connection of 1.5 Mb/s is recommended
    for viewing the videos.
  4. An up-to-date, modern browser is necessary such as:
    ● Google Chrome
    ● Mozilla Firefox
    ● Microsoft Edge
    ● MacOS Safari
    ● Internet Explorer 11 or later

You need to be at least B1 level of English

Courses contain a lot of activities integrated as part of the lessons. Those could be theory or production based.

Assessment is pass/failed and will be determined by your completion of lessons/activities.

You will get personal attention from a specialist who will work with you on your project and on developing the skills needed to accomplish any future projects. You will receive guidance, practical suggestions and professional opinion about your language achievement. You will have a chance to learn from the editing of your paper, presentation or poster.

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