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Cracking the Code


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Cracking the code is a course for non-native English speaking health professionals who want to improve their ability to communicate with their peers, using the right medical terminology with the correct pronunciation. It is also very helpful to pre-Med and/or medical students, as well as graduate and post-graduate students, enrolled for the first time in programs taught in English



What level of English do you need to have? (Prerequisites)
To be able to benefit fully from this course, you need to be able to demonstrate at least an A2 English level according to CEFR or Intermediate level of English.

What will you take from this course? (Learning Outcomes)
By following the instructions, reviewing the flashcards, and completing the practical exercises in this course you will be able to:
Distinguish between prefixes, suffixes, and root words, as well as acronyms, eponyms, and modern medical language
Identify common English and Latin/Greek external body part terms
Define and label various Latin/Greek prefixes, root words, and suffixes
Decode, translate, and apply various prefixes, suffixes, and root words
Understand and apply various rules of making singular nouns plural
Learn how to pronounce medical terminology correctly by following the pronunciation rules presented
Identify medical terminology word parts related to the anatomy and common conditions of the body systems

What actions are expected of you?
The course consists of two main modules – a Core module and Body systems module. Taking the Core module is a prerequisite for the Body systems module. The Core module contains 5 mandatory lessons while the Body systems module contains 13 lessons from which you can choose. Studying the lessons involves going through flashcards, associating pictures to terms, listening to pronunciation of the terms, answering questions, reviewing previously learned material, reinforcing newly learned skills, matching, solving puzzles, taking quizzes and playing all kinds of educational games created to help you retain the terminology in a quick and fun way.

How much time do you need to complete each lesson?
You should allocate about 30 minutes for each lesson.

Inspirational Closing Statement:
Let’s crack that code!

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