Editing Services

We offer editing of manuscripts; scientific posters; presentation files and presentation notes. 

Manuscript editing price will vary according to the following three factors: how long your manuscript is; how quickly you need it edited; how much work it needs. The prices per word, per deadline and per level of English can help you estimate how much the editing will cost, but in order to obtain an exact quote you will need to submit your manuscript and state your desired time frame. Please use the button below to do that.


  • Correcting simple grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes

Editing level 1

  • Proofing + Correcting tenses + Basic rephrasing of no more than 10% of article

Editing level 2

  • Proofing + Correcting tenses + Major rephasing and/or rewriting of sentences of no more than 30% of article

Editing level 3

  • Proofing + Correcting tenses + Major rephasing and/or rewriting of sentences of no more than 50% of article

*We retain our right to refuse editing services at our discretion with a link to our Terms of Service page.*

Private Online Tutoring

Our tutors are all ESL certified teachers with many years of experience who have been personally trained in English for Medical Purposes by SmartMedTalk.

Each 50 minute session includes some combination of the following, according to your needs:

  • Proofing of your scientific poster or presentation file, and presentation notes (done prior to the session)

  • Review of proofing and discussion of the research and data specific to its visual representation

Polishing the delivery of your presentation such as:

  • Professional use of sign post language

  • Fine tuned pronunciation, enunciation, intonation

  • Refined, coordinated timing of speech with visual aides

  • Personalized presentation notes to strengthen your specific weak areas

  • Coaching and feedback while rehearsing on all the above.

Lisa Angelo

Lisa has been a curriculum developer, content creator, program supervisor, teacher trainer, academic editor, and university lecturer of English for Medical Purposes (EMP) since 2011. Military and National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) training, a BSc in Film, Video and Animation, MFA in Computer Graphics Design, and CELTA certification provides her with many tools and skills applied to the “Art of Communication” and teaching.

Gery Ciftcioglu​

Gery has 15 years ESL teaching experience, 8 of which teaching Academic and Medical English at various universities in Turkey. She has a CELTA and a bachelor's degree in Journalism and has been involved in developing and teaching Flipped learning courses for the past 5 years.

Veronica Willcock

Veronica has been a University Medical English lecturer since 2015 and has several years experience teaching and developing Digital, Flipped learning course materials and lessons. She has a BSc in Anatomy and Structural Biology, is TESOL certified, is experience in editing scientific research articles, and has thoroughly enjoyed teaching ESL in Turkey, South Korea, and Thailand since 2005.​​

Mira Saratchinova

Mira holds a BSc in Biomedical Science and is TESOL/TESL certified. She has several years of ESL teaching experience including general English, and Academic and Medical English, as well as a background in curriculum development and Flipped learning techniques. Mira brings a keen attention to detail, determination, and enthusiasm to every class, lesson, and project in which she is involved.

Please Note:

  • What is accomplished in a session is dependent on various factors such as: your level of English competency; the amount of proofing required; the length of your project; the complexity of your presentation and your personal aspirations for success.
  • The number of sessions required to meet your personal goals is entirely your decision to make. We strive to help you reach those goals in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • Your written work will have to be approved by the tutor you select. Your tutor might require you to have it edited first.
  • The tutor will contact you after you have submitted your written work with an estimate of how many sessions they believe will be necessary to accomplish your goals.

Corporate / Academic

We offer blended and flipped-learning courses to institutions interested in purchasing our products for their employees or students. Our services include but are not limited to: setting up an online classroom with the option for additional lesson practices in small groups with a tutor; mentoring, teacher training and lesson plans for tutors; tracking and statistics recording tools; technical and administrative support. If you are interested and would like to learn more, please contact us

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